Kathleen M – Lakeland, FL

I would personally like to thank Mr. Tamir! He has assisted me on 5 different occasions, on getting an advance on my inheritance! He is very kind, well-read, and did everything in a timely manner! As I live in Florida, that was no easy feat! When he understood what I needed, he would overnight the paperwork to me. He wired transferred the funds into my account. He has helped me and my family through very difficult times! Thank you so VERY much, Mr. Tamir! 😇

Michael Angelo – Los Angeles, CA

I have received advances on 10 different occasions from Mr. Tamir for a total of $84,000. We met at his Bank for all 10 advances, where I signed the paperwork and was handled the checks and had the checks cashed right on the spot for all 10 advances. Each transaction took no more than 10 to 15 minutes from beginning to end. Very excellent customer service and I would highly recommend Mr. Tamir to anyone who is in need of a cash advance.

Lori S. – Belleville, MI

I got 5,000, the service was very worth while, especially when you are waiting for the lengthy procedures of the court. It was nice to get some money ahead of time.

David G. – Albert Lea, MN

I did business with Leo Tamir he treated me very fairly, he was very fast. It was very quickly arranged. The administration of my aunt’s estate was probably going to take about 3 years and I needed money now. He said up front the total fee no matter how long it would take the estate to close. He put everything in writing so you could see it. He would be the man to get an advance from on an inheritance if you need it.

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